Today we are proud to announce the release of the sixth SexiGraf update: 0.99f codename “Traptown”

Edit 29 may 2019: For the few of you that would encounter this issue after upgrading, please refer to this post for a fix:

In this new version, we’ve added the support of the new vSAN 6.7U1 API (included in the 0.99e1 emergency patch).

To upgrade your existing appliance get the 0.99f SexiGraf Update Package and use it in the Package Updater (you won’t lost any data of course). The update process is the same since 0.99a so you can watch the 0.99a upgrade recorded demo if you need help.

This update will *ONLY* apply if you’re running 0.99e “White Forest” version.
Please reload your browser AFTER the update has finished.

If you are new to SexiGraf, the latest appliance is already available on the Quickstart page.

This the last SexiGraf update package. Starting from now, we’ll only publish new ova packages and you’ll have to use the data export/import feature to migrate your data and settings. We understand that this may be inconvenient but it’ll allow us to deliver a more up to date product more often.


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