Here is how you can get and quickly setup this awesome appliance named SexiGraf.

Step 1: Get SexiGraf

Download OVA appliance – v0.99j1 “St. Olga”

SHA1 sum is: 7dd946851677a1ff2cee29d2e5e0036056d6692b sexigraf.ova

You can find all release notes on our GitHub Milestones page:

 Default root password is: Sex!Gr@f

Step 2: Deploy

SexiGraf appliance aimed to be deployed on a VMware vSphere™ environment which can be achieve via several ways:

Step 3: Configure

Starting from version 0.99c you can configure network settings during the deployment step and change them later thanks to OVF properties:

By default, SexiGraf is pre-configured in DHCP mode. If you specify network infromations, the appliance will switch into static mode.

If you need to make changes later, you need to shutdown the VM to be able to edit the vApp Options within vCenter:

Step 4: Add your vCenter/ESXi informations

In order for SexiGraf to retrieve informations and performance counters from your vCenter and ESXi servers, you must add your vCenter/ESXi info and some credential. You can do that very easily as we made some fancy SexiPanel just for you!

First of all, connect to your SexiGraf web interface (ie Grafana), which is listening on TCP port 80 so you can reach it at http://your_appliance_fqdn_or_ipv4/ and select the following dashboard: SexiGraf Web Admin. Starting from version 0.99e you can reach your SexiGraf appliance on TCP port 443 as well at https://your_appliance_fqdn_or_ipv4/ thanks to a self-signed that you can change by replacing /etc/apache2/ssl/sexigraf.key and /etc/apache2/ssl/sexigraf.crt via SSH. Starting from version 0.99i http is redirected to https for security issues.

 Default login information for web interface is: admin / Sex!Gr@f


Then you’ll just have to click on Credential Store and enter your vCenter/ESXi information (FQDN or IP, username and password). Once you’ve added a vCenter/ESXi, click on the Action dropdown and select Enable VI and Enable VSAN (if you got any VSAN cluster):

And here you are, relax and let the graphing begin! The SexiGraf collector will now retrieve information from your vCenter/ESXi (s) and data will start appearing in graph.

Starting from version 0.99g unmanaged ESXi (aka not connected to any vCenter) are supported. The dashboards are the same as the standalone hosts but under “_unmanaged_” vcenter and datacentre.