Job Result Job Status Multi Repository Usage Multi SOBR Usage Restore Point

Since Veeam Backup & Replication 11, a new RESTful API for VBR has been introduced so we can now query the VBR servers instead of relying on Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager beeing installed and properly configured (but only with Enterprise Plus or VUL licences and curently limited to VMware jobs).

So we figured we should add some Veeam skills to SexiGraf 😉

Job Result

How much easier your veeam morning check would be with all backup jobs results in a single page?

This status history graph let you monitor the jobs results at the exact finish time. It also let you verify that the retry is working properly. Of course you can zoom in for better time accuracy:

Job Status

Since the SexiLog attempt we always wanted some kind of gantt diagram of the VBR jobs satuts to be able to have a precise view of the jobs overlap. Enjoy the view:

The bar is red when the job is disabled, yellow when inactive and green when running.

Multi Repository Usage

With the Multi Repository Usage Dashboard, you can monitor your repository space usage accross all you VBR servers:

Multi SOBR Usage

Same as the repository dashboard but this time for SOBR:

Restore Point

The Restore Point dashbord let you monitor the restore points per job and per VMware cluster over time. You can of course filter jobs, vCenter or Cluster.