What to know if one of your VMs uses this IP address your collegue from the network team sent you? Or maybe you need to find the ESX hosting the vCenter your just shutdown for a snapshot before the upgrade? Or you need the vmx paths of an entire datastore you had to register somewhere else because of an unplanned DR?

Starting from SexiGraf 0.99h the “VI Offline Inventory” dashboard is replaced by the VMware Inventory folder with VMs, Hosts and Datastores inventories (portgroups and more coming soon). Those new dashboards have combined filters capabilities and are much more capable on big infrastructures (i.e. 50K+ VMs). It’s like an RVtools extract always ready and up to date.

In v0.99j we’ve added Veeam Backup & Replication restore points per vm inventory (only with Enterprise Plus or VUL licences and curently limited to VMware jobs).

The VBR inventory is refreshed every 5 minutes if there is new restore point detected, the VMware ones are refreshed every hour if the vCenter/ESX servers are available.

You can export a csv file of the curent inventory or go to the Web Admin Inventory Refresh & History page to grab an older version.