When you deal with multiple vCenter and/or standalone ESXi, it could be painful to locate virtual machines for daily-basis administrative tasks. What we used to do during our past job experiences was to build some static inventory, to be able to search quickly cross-vCenter some virtual machine information. It can be really useful, especially if you have an outage and you want to know which ESX was hosting your vCenter VM. You might also need to find if a given MAC or IP address belong to one of your VMs.

Starting from SexiGraf 0.99h the “VI Offline Inventory” dashboard is replaced by the VMware Inventory folder with VMs and Hosts inventories (datastores, portgroups and more coming soon). Those new dashboards have combined filters capabilities and are much more capable on big infrastructures (i.e. 50K+ VMs).

You can also export a csv file without crashing your web browser when the file is too big 😉